Tracking information about people entering and leaving your building is a very important part of your business. Whether your business  has security concerns and need visitors to sign in and out, or are in the retail business and need to track who is purchasing your products Visit-Trac can help.

Visitor Management for Business:

  • Replace the antiquated sign in/out book in the lobby

  • Capture sign in and sign out time accurately

  • Let visitors to sign in themselves or employees can sign them in

  • Print temporary badges with unique visitor numbers

  • Capture a photo of your visitor for security measures

  • Capture the image of drivers license at time of sign in

  • Full reporting of who entered and left your building for quick recall

Visitor Management for Retail:

  • Easy to fill out form to capture basic information

  • Set up an iPad at the register for self service or have the teller complete the information

  • Manage your marketing campaigns (like email blasts) by city, zip code, etc to increase foot traffic during slow times

  • Create and manage rewards programs to drive customer loyalty


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