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Sales & Marketing

As a busy sales or marketing professional you know that time is money. Your software should streamline the sales and marketing process not make things more complicated. Oftentimes software is a necessary hindrance but here at Blaze IT we believe software should be a tool to accelerate revenue. With cloud based business software not only can you gauge your teams performance you can gain insight into your customers from anywhere. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization get the access they need with the work from anywhere technology they want. 

Operational Excellence

  • Identify problems in the sales cycle to determine why prospects are not converting to sales

  • Fully track customer history from initial contact, to sale, to service with a fully integrated CRM

  • Provide accurate price quotes and delivery dates 

  • Real-Time Inventory levels 

  • Track marketing related cost and activities

  • Link leads to sales

  • Create templates for orders, quotes, and proposals to reduce data entry 

  • Allow online access from anywhere with access to up-to-date current information 

    • Prospect to Opportunity conversion​

    • Revenue per salesperson

    • Profitability per salesperson 

    • Profitability per region 

    • Top Customers/Customer Segmentation 

    • Marketing campaign results 

    • Trade show leads 

    • Trade show conversion 

  • Custom KPI's to meet your business needs

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