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The Post COVID-19 Office

The past few months have obviously been a strange time for the entire world. And here as businesses start to re-open things are going to continue to evolve and to change.

What's been interesting to see as well is how many of businesses have been able to cope with the changes while others have struggled to keep workers safe during the outbreak. This whole situation has shined a light on how much continuity planning really matters, and having the systems in place to support that continuity.

We work with a lot of businesses running Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Those clients use the systems to varying degrees but even those that used a lot of the functionality still ran across some gaps when all the sudden a portion of the staff is working remotely and the other portion are in the plant.

The most common problem wasn't access to business information or things of that nature because those remote access systems were already in place. The biggest issue was access to paper and people. For example, one client said they didn't realize how much they still relied on pieces of paper to manage certain processes until all of this happened.

There are a lot of everyday practices in all lines of business that up until now have been taken for granted. All the focus has been on working remote and the impact that has, but as consumer based businesses open back up and B2B businesses start to get "back to normal", a lot of the day to day things will begin to change. Some of these changes will be implemented to keep employees and customers safe, while others will be in an effort to streamline inefficient operations.

This is just a few of the things that you will want to have on your radar in the next couple of months:

  • Paperless and no touch visitor sign in and sign out

  • Employee wellness checking (temperature, symptoms, etc)

  • Utilizing business systems for communication of critical information

  • Arranging office and production floor layout to minimize need for close quarters interaction and maintaining proper social distancing

If you would like to learn more about how Blaze IT can help align your business practices with the new guidelines for maintaining a safe but still efficient workplace contact us today.

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