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Switch your language in Google Sheets

This is a function that has been around for a little while, but I ran across a practical use for it the other day and wanted to share it for those that maybe didn’t know that it was available.

Imagine that you have a spreadsheet that needs shared with people in many locations across multiple countries and you want them to be able to easily switch the language on the sheet. Well, the Google Translate function allows you to do just that.

Here’s a basic example of how it works:

The syntax of the formula is =GOOGLETRANSLATE(“Text to Translate”,”Source Language”,”Target Language”)

In our example we’ve created a drop-down list to allow someone to pick which language they would like to translate to

Next, type your text into the field we are going to translate

The formula will look like this: =GOOGLETRANSLATE(B6,"EN",A4)

Now, this is out result:

How about if we switch to Spanish?

Voila! We now have a sheet that allows a user to pick what language they want to view information in!

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