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Is your business ready for anything?

As we here at the Blaze IT office start hunkering down and preparing for hurricane Laura, a realization crossed my mind:

This would be a way more stressful time if I was also worried about out business being interrupted by the storm.

If 2020 has shown us anything, it's that as businesses we have to constantly be prepared for.... basically anything.

There was a time when business continuity planning or disaster recovery were at best afterthoughts and at best were redundant solutions and/or plans of action to be pulled out "just in case". But as category 4 Laura looms just off the coast, and on the heels of a global pandemic, the terms continuity and disaster need to be part of an overarching business system strategy, not just footnotes or boxes to check.

It's imperative that your ERP and business systems be an asset to your business and to your staff during times of crisis and not a hindrance.

These are some of the key points to look at when evaluating if your ERP system is ready to support you in tough times:

  • Where is your ERP data physically stored? Is it on a server in an HVAC closet or is it in a safe and secure location?

  • Where is key user data stored and how is it accessed? Is data physically on desktop computers or is it accessible from anywhere?

  • Can users access all the information that they need from anywhere/anyplace/anytime? If something physically happens to your workplace, can work continue?

There are many other points to evaluate when it comes to physical contingency plans and ensuring everyone's safety. But when life happens, its better to be spending time and energy on those activities than trying to figure out how you are going to be able to send out invoices for the next two weeks.

If you are concerned about the ability of your ERP system to handle changes and challenges in a flexible and adaptable way, contact Blaze IT today and we will help get you moving down the right path.

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