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Creating Management Report Landing Pages in SSRS

Are you tasked with presenting reports to upper management, shareholders, key employees but struggle to maintain one version of the truth? Over the course of my career I have seen countless businesses email reports with their monthly/quarterly/annual reports to key team members followed up by frantically recalled emails with the wrong version attached or a request for someone to resend the information from last year.

A simple solution that can be easily implemented to reduce some of this non-value added work is to create a landing page for this report data within SSRS. By utilizing the Action Functionality you can easily point users to the correct report data.

The below example is intended to guide you through creating a landing page for your report data. This example assumes that you are familiar with the basics of developing SSRS reports.


Navigate to Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new SSRS report as the basis of the landing page.

Within your project add a background or image if applicable. I have found this dramatically helps to improve the users experience.

If you are unfamiliar with adding images to a SSRS report an example is provided.

Once the report landing page has been created it is time to link the data to your report.

Insert a Text Box to act as a hyperlink for the user:

In this example our focus is the Text Box "January 2019":
Right click on the text box and select Text Box Properties:

Navigate to the Action tab under Text Box Properties:
Change the action to the desired option:

For this example we are linking this report to another SSRS report.

Navigate to the Preview tab within the report:

This will allow you to verify the link is properly set up before loading the report to your reporting server.

The linked report will then open within the preview screen:

This is just one example of how utilizing reporting options within Microsoft Reporting Services can streamline communication within your business.

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