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Adding Images to SSRS Reports to Engage Your Team

Today's Wisdom Wednesday is designed to help jazz up your reporting through the use of embedding images within a SSRS Report.

Over the years I have run into numerous reports that are developed for one reason or another but are not used as often as they should. By creating some visual interest in your report you have the ability to display data that can drive decision making along with simplifying data analysis.

In the example below I have taken a simple SSRS Report measuring sales and included conditional formatting along with some icons to help drive engagement with your team.

Open Visual Studio in Design Mode

Right Click on the Images Folder and select "Add Image"

Select the image you would like to embed in your report

Navigate back to your report and create a Rectangle. Select the Rectangle Properties.

Navigate to "Fill" within the Rectangle Properties. Select the image source = Embedded, then select your image in the "Use this image" field.

Your image will now fill the rectangle. Text or other data from your report can be layered on top of the image.

As you can see in the quick example above adding an image can make a boring report with meaningful data a fun tool to drive productivity.

Stay for future tips on how to make the images change based on data in your report.

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