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Platinum Program

We have seen that a big problem for small and mid-sized businesses is that there is a disconnect between the folks providing the IT infrastructure and those managing the Business Systems.  Previously this required time, money, and energy to keep all of this in alignment.  With our partnership with Magic Desk we can offer a comprehensive solution that combines traditional IT managed services with your business system needs.

We are proud to offer Magic Desk’s white-glove IT support coupled with Blaze IT’s business system industry knowledge and Acumatica Software for one monthly price.

2020 has been a year of surprises, your business system and IT infrastructure shouldn’t be one. Let’s move forward together as a team and get back to the business of doing business comfortably.

  • Fixed price Acumatica implementations

  • Experts in the application of Business Systems ranging from Manufacturing, Distribution, Professional Services

  • Leverage Cloud Business Systems to break down barriers between departments

  • We know how to align your real world processes to your Acumatica Business System to streamline operations and report on data in real time

  • Ability to see your inventory, sales numbers, and any other mission critical key performance indicator on any device at any time and at any place

  • The ability to understand multidivisional and fast growing businesses

  • Experts at converting from Excel based reports to standardized and controlled business reports

  • Documented training outlining best practices that you can begin day 1!

  • Adept at translating business needs into application processes

  • Creatively solve complex business problems (like magic!)

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