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BUSINESS Intelligence

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Bring your data to life with M5 Unify.  Seamlessly merge information from multiple data sources into one easy to use tool so that you can get a 360 degree view of your business!


  • Quick and easy to install and configure

  • Detailed security model

  • Connect to your data whether it's local or in the cloud

  • Visual query builder

  • Gain insights and better analyze your data

  • Desktop and web viewing available

  • View your existing Crystal and SSRS reports in the app

  • One consolidated reporting "truth"

  • No recurring monthly fees.



Dashboard Designer.png

Visual Dashboards

Quickly and easily create dashboards to visualize your data and gain insights like never before.  Dashboards can be deployed and shared throughout your entire business.


Create charts, graphs, heat-maps, KPIs and many other graphical representations all with easy drill-down capabilities.


interactive lists & pivots

Data can be viewed in lists and pivot charts where you have the power to group, sort and filter information any way you like.


Layouts can be saved and shared for quick and easy analysis. 

Report Designer.png

Built-In Report Designer

The built in Unify report builder allows you to take your data and create well-formed reports for printing or for distributing to outside sources.

Great for creating management reports, financial statements and sales reports. 


Export to multiple formats

Dashboards, lists, pivots and reports can all be exported to a number of formats such as pdf, word, excel and more.

Use the preview designer to add formatting, headers, footers and even watermarks prior to exporting information.