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Sometimes you have a very specific problem to solve that is unique to your business and your current systems just can't quite handle it.  Or maybe you just need to track certain data and going out and buying a new system just for that one task doesn't make sense.  There are many reasons for needing a custom solution, and we are here to deliver those solutions.

Here at Blaze IT, we have years of experience working with small and medium sized businesses to solve challenges in creative ways that are both cost effective and focused on the people that will ultimately be using those solutions.  So whatever your challenge, we are dedicated to creating a solution that solves the problem and that is easy to use, implement and maintain.

What does engaging with us on a custom solution look like?

  • First, we have a conversation about what problem you are trying to solve.  We aren't in the business of selling a specific software or even a specific solution.  Our goal is to understand your problem and provide the tools and know-how to solution for it.

  • Based on the discovery session, a formal quote will be sent to you.

  • Once the quote is signed, we provide a written specification document and submit for your approval.

  • Work begins on implementing the agreed upon solution.

  • Finally, there is a review and sign off of the solution.

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