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What is ERP? 

The acronym ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, but what does that really mean for you and your business?

What ERP means in the real world is a computer system that allows you to manage ALL aspects of your business in one centralized place.


A solid, modern ERP system will have solutions for all the following areas:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Order Management and Invoicing

  • Shipping and Logistics

  • Inventory Management

  • Purchasing

  • Materials Planning

  • Manufacturing Planning and Execution

  • Lead and Prospect Tracking

  • Quoting and Estimating

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Support Tracking and Escalation

  • Service Management

  • Project Management

  • Contract Management

There are software apps that do the above…  But depending on the complexity and requirements of your business you could easily end up managing (and paying for) 6-10 DIFFERENT software packages to get all that functionality!

In a nutshell, ERP puts all your business processes, data, and people in a single system so you can focus on running the business and not integrating software and managing information.

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