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Building Materials, 

Construction Supply & Contractors

Construction Workers

At Blaze IT we have experience with manufacturers and distributors in the construction supply chain industry. Contact us today to see how we can streamline, modernize, & accelerate your business. 

The construction and building supply chain industry is always changing. We understand that things can change with a simple phone call and urgency and accountability is paramount.  At Blaze IT our goal is to give your company the visibility necessary to meet your customers requirements quickly and accurately. 

When looking for a system to run your business, it is important to make sure that it can handle all the requirements.

  • The ability to keep your project on schedule and on budget

  • Access to your data from anywhere

  • Project and Contract Reporting

  • Change Order Management 

  • Specification Tracking 

  • Job Costing 

  • Field Service Access 

  • Track serial numbers and lot numbers of raw materials

  • Assign Serial or lot numbers to finished product

  • Ability to track a raw material to all the finished product it is in and see all the customers it shipped to (in case of a recall)

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